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Hi Guys!


I'm currently looking for as much clothing and robes I can find for my monk to see if I can find a style that fits for my character, I'm finding a lot of a certain type of clothing but I see a lot of NPC's wearing stuff that I want. Is there a way I can find them without evilly murdering everyone I just want to look like? lol


What about those stupid immersion breaking backers with yellow nameplates, can I kill them without penalty or will that count as an evil action?



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I am by no means an expert, but...

Killing the backer guys with the nameplates will cause a loss in reputation and/or attack by other nearby NPCs... if it is within a certain range.  There are two backers in a small house in Gilded Vale.  If you kill them while they are next to each other by the fire then you suffer reputation loss.  If you wait until one walks over to the far wall, you do not lose reputation.  One of these guys has some very interesting jester like clothes.

I killed a couple outside, and 3 up on the 2nd floor of the Inn and every nearby NPC became hostile, even if my party was out of their sight.  Of course, reputation loss as well.  I think it works that if other NPCs can see them then they will go hostile also.


Most of what I've read about Monks is that they are still going to use armor.  Heavy armor if you re going to tank with him/her.  They have to get hit to generate their wounds, which powers their attacks, but getting hit too hard is a death sentence.  So you have to have ways to mitigate the incoming damage.


I'm struggling with choosing a monk or chanter as my main character off tank.  But again, from what I've read, I think I prefer the monks from BG games.  I like the no armor and unarmed fighting... but in this game monks do not have handwraps or special weapons that count as unarmed that you can enchant, so their unarmed fighting suffers later in game.

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