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[Linux] bugs in qests



Hi, I have Pillars Of Eternity, Linux edition, bought in gog.com 


Game is playable, but I encounter two rather serious problems with quests.


1) Readrics Hold. I did big part of this quest, but stop before confronting Readric in the Throne Room. (I thought - let's wait till I have better stats so I could use more dialog options). After finishing few quests in the Defiance Bay and in the Caed Nua, I got back to the keep. Played dialog and killed Readric. The quest is not finished and the Journal says that I had to confront Readric. 


2) Cinders of faith. I acquired this quest in the First Fires. The quest is listed in the journal.  I tried to ask Wenan at Admeths Dan about the cave, but he had no such dialog option. 


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