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I just love the game so far, so detailed and exciting... but still cannot understand such massive bungle - which is driving me nuts!


If playing as a ranger (as I do) every time you select your pet (a bear in my case) it makes no bear-sound at all, it's as if it was lifeless, a robot or puppet. You click him, order him to go or attack... and no sound produced. Complete silence, what's highly weird I must say! Actually I've noticed that there are bear sounds created and used throughout the game (for instance, the big bad bear in a cavern in the beginning) so I keep wondering why the hell Obsidian made such a blunder. I suppose it's the same with the other pets (boar, wolf, deer, lion...)


Please, fix it.


Thank you in advance!


A fan ;)

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Yes! I have been wondering about this too, ranger is my favorite class in this game which is odd because when I play d&d video games and pen and paper I never play rangers. Yet I feel like rangers got the shafts in POE they seem to literally be not finished. It released with some pretty massive game breaking bugs and not even sound effects (for the ranger). Would love to hear a wolf howl or massive bear snarl when charging into the front lines. The wolf is missing stats and supposedly it gets a 15% damage increase But the bear has 15 strength to the wolf's 10 giving the bear also 15% damage increase so that with the damage reduction the bear feels better then the wolf in everyway. The bear only has 1 less dex so it's like 3% slower attack speed but that's like nothing.


I really hope the ranger gets a heartfelt look at and some love from the devs it needs it bad mostly the animal companion I hope they balance the wolf to allow us to build a ranger that let's the pet dps that would be fun. Loving the the game though can't wait for them to tune it up and add more features. Wrote this on my phone sorry for typos and wall-o-text

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