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I don't like that the right way to play this game is: sneak+fast mode

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It's annoying. If you sneak then ur snail slow but discover traps and secrets, which is mandatory.


So basically the new "normal" is sneak + fast mode (D button)


I don't really like it.

Please make trap and secret detection automatic without sneak, obsidian

thanks :)


Trap and secret detection should be a matter of perception coupled perhaps with whatever skill/attribute makes sense. ie: higher mechanics skill increases your ability to find physical traps, higher intellect increases your ability to find magic traps (dunno if this game has any), etc.. Entering a search/stealth mode could perhaps increase the likelihood you'll find hidden things, but it shouldn't be required.


Stealth mode should be individualized.


Walking should be the norm with a run toggle.


The whole fast creeping everywhere in stealth or running everywhere out of it as things are is really really dumb. It belongs on the consoles in games like Final Fantasy, not in a good cRPG and what's supposed to be the offspring of the IE games.

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They could put object finding on normal, just give it a far reduced range and higher DC (I think they use mechanics as a DC, but am not sure).  That way you don't have to sneak, you can just watch your characters detect traps right before you run over them.


And its worth point out that stealthing all the time in the IE games was optimal too.  It's always optimal to be cautious.  That's not a problem, that's the game rewarding good play.  The first poster just wants to eat his cake and have it too.

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This aspect of the game is probably the one that bothers me the most ... I really hate sneaking about in town in the day light like a douchebag just because there might be some sexy loot in the hollow of that tree in the middle of zone. I'm getting Elmer Fudd flash backs from my child hood ...

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I just made a mod to "fix" this.  With the mod, Stealth Mode uses the normal run animations.


Currently only supports Windows and not compatible with the IE Mod.  When I get more time, I'll figure out how to incorporate it into the IE Mod.


Get the mod from Nexus.


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