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Basic armors have equal prices? No Helmet Bonus?

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Dear Obsidian,


First I would like to thank you for doing a tremendous job by creating this game.

I have started playing with it, and soon I got some queries that I partly can understand.


This is a CRPG, and I should comprehend (and I do) the fact that this is a game and a game should have balance and not always close to reality. However to represent a simple example, making basic armor (e.g. padded, scale, mail) prices the same (i.e 300 when i wanted to buy) is getting too 'game-ish' or moreover smartphone and tablet alike 'feature'. I know it is a nuisance, but can you set the pricing a bit more RPG-related and less 'math based balanced'?


Secondly why do basic (i.e. not enhanced) helmets have no bonuses? There is no point of buying one then (unless you want to customize your character's look). At least bonus against criticals please! (OMG it may affect the holy balance!)


You implemented bonuses where it was unnecessary or that made the game more android-like. (E.G. food, sleeping in special rooms - IMO these are overrated (give too much bonus), and are killing the RPG feeling).


Last but not least, I loved the idea in your previous masterpiece - Arcanum - where you gave slight but useful bonuses to different clothes. That was indeed a good touch and increased the rpg effect. Why didn't you implement it here? A shiny armor or a noble wear should make you different when talking with NPC's. What a fun that would be when I should convince a rebelling peasant and I have negative starting bonuses in the conversation because of my look. That's an rpg element! And there are plenty other things to be added (culture, class, race, background, appeal, etc).


It is up to you if you are planning a Baldur's Gate Lite for Android/IOS or a real Obsidian-made RPG.



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