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Obsidian: An apology concerning Limerick change

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Instead of wading through thousands of comments, pages, and etc .. I'd like to jump right out and apologize to the folks at Obsidian.


In short - a portion of backer text in-game was changed at the REQUEST of the backer to spare Obsidian pain and suffering on what would otherwise be a lavishly-accoladed launch. 


Earlier, I was under the impression that it was the other way around, with Obsidian applying pressure to the backer. A situation, if true, worthy of such scrutiny - but that is not the case - an earlier post by Firedorn provides the details:




To quote the above link for the non-clicks: (below)


"Firedorn: Actually, there was a choice.  They asked me if I wanted to change in light of what happened.  I chose to change it so that they can concentrate on the game instead of this PR nightmare.  They weren't going to change it, they asked ME if I wanted to.  I can find another platform to write my controversial crap, and I will.  They, on the other hand, did the right thing and allowed me to decide the fate of the epitaph.  I chose to turn into something that made fun of the ********** that were complaining. They went above and beyond what I would have expected them to do."


In light of that, I apologize for (vocally in a few posts) doubting the folks at Obsidian. 


Looking back: It's got to be hard to please such a wide spectrum of people who enjoy such rich storytelling (passionate people and what not)..


IMHO: They did right by their backer - AND allowed people to discuss the situation on their forums without heavy moderation ... something lacking in a lot of forums these days. 


Anyways, I'm waiting for the last patch to finish the d/l and am looking forward to getting back to Eternity.


Thanks for the game and backer support Obsidian - my apologies for doubting you - continued remuneration will follow. 

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Where are you getting the request bit?  He says right there Obsidian asked him, which implies they contacted him not the other way around.  Regardless the issue isn't about that, its about the fact Obsidian rolled over for some wacko (look at that persons tweets, complete wacho) enough to contact the creator to ask them to change it in the first place.

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I'll let this one be since we've already got several posts, but guys, let's try and keep it in one thread. Whether with Limericks or any other issue, having so many duplicates will just make the forum even more of a mess to navigate.


Continue here:


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