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Linux version is still unplayable





Even after downloading patch 1.03, PoE for Linux is still unplayable.  


1.  The Play button on the steam UI doesn't work.  I still have to go into a console, cd to the .steam/steam/steamapps/common/PoE directory and run the binary manually. 


2.  The PoE HUD is unusable.  The character pictures are pixelated and blurry, some of the transition screens don't show up. 


Is it too much to ask that if I pay 41.99 for my linux PoE that Obsidian actually delivers a game that works?


-- Redmage123

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Hey redmage123,


Can you send me your system specs and player.log?




I have the following specs:


Intel Core i7-3820 CPU

nVidia GeForce GTX670 

64-bit system running Ubuntu 14.10

Display: Samsung 32" monitor at 1920x1080


What's the best way to send you the Player.log?  I don't see an "attachment" icon to attach the file.  Should I do a copy/paste to a new forum post?

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