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How did you end the 'Blood Legacy' quest?

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I killed the girl, I killed the Skaenites, I killed the Lord...I would have piled up all of their bodies in the center of town and burned them to ash if that had been an option.




Sounds like this game was made exactly for your type of roleplaying.  Me, I'm just gonna hope somebody else knows how to give us a true BG2 like spiritual successor.

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Since I did the quest during the Backer Beta I have done just about every ending possibly.

Killed the girl, killed the Skaens, killed the Lord.  Freed the girl, killed the Skaens, killed the Lord.  Sent the girl back to the Lord.


From the start of the game Dyrwood is shown as a place that does not like authoritarian, lordly figures. Dyrford Village People are shown as not liking the Lord and not caring what happens to him or his.  The quest strikes me as one of betrayal.  The girl turns to the one person who seems to be willing to help her only to be betrayed by him.  


To me it in a way it is the theme of the game, a world of betrayal, maybe a world that does need a god to guide them but they kill the one god who would give them a Second Chance.  Do they as a society deserve a second chance?

 I have but one enemy: myself  - Drow saying



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About the "morality of that environment" - what I understood is that what the noble did was unacceptable in that culture. Eder says "A lynch mob would do." which indicates that villagers generally respond to things like this with lynching. Also the Resolve response is "Rumors travel faster than caravans. I want better money." indicating that if the player told people what the noble has done, he won't be able to run away and they would kill him. This makes me think that what he did was unacceptable in that era/world.


OR the villagers are so poor and hotheaded, they won't take that from a noble what they would tolerate from a thug in the big city. Or they think that things like that don't happen, not even in cities. Remember, one of the first things you hear when you enter the village is "I hear in the big city there are no hollowborn." which shows how much they don't know about the life in Defiance Bay.


Also I don't think that this era/world can be compared to the medieval times. It's more like baroque, but not even that. In this world there are dragons and magic, we can't expect to predict the morality there by comparing the life to medieval earth. These people killed a guy who impersonated a god with a bomb... They fought against Aedyr imperialism etc. I don't think minor nobles are demigods as much as they were in medieval earth.


The worst part was that the options to solve the quest were extremely limited and directed. I felt the existence of invisible walls right on my face there. You either have to accept a bribe from a noble for raping and ruining a girls life, or you kill him. No in-between. No punishment other than instant aggression, no reporting him to the law (or to other nobles), no option to actually just to tell the villagers the truth, no option to arrest him in your dungeon, no option to reject his bribe and let him go (my character would never take money to stay silent to an event like this. even if he would let him go he wouldn't accept money about it), no option to threaten him to turn himself in instead of facing the truth getting out (remember that the noble who financed the murdering of actresses rather killed himself than face defamation) etc.


In shortly, the most logical options are not existent. I am forced to choose between being a corrupt piece of human garbage who will look away to a serious crime if he is given the right bribe, or to enforce my own justice (chaotic good, or chaotic neutral option) in a vigilantine way (forced between either being lawful evil or chaotic anything).


I chose to kill him.

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Old thread but obviously a lot of people were unsatisfied with the ending of this quest. 
I was too. Playing a Kind Wayfarer Paladin with Grieving Mother in the party.  I cleansed her mind, killed the cultists, sent her to the temple and killed the Lord .  I wanted an option to expose him and either jail or kill him so she could then have the baby and basically inherit all his stuff.

So I was not happy with the options for her or for him.  I was hoping I would at least find her in the temple and be able to give her money. I was hoping I had something besides let him go or kill him.  If I had to kill him I would rather it be while he was "resisting arrest" . 


Also I was surprised none of the villager conversations updated afterwards. No mention of the giant temple underground that I slaughtered? Or that the tanner was a cultist?  What happened to all his guards? I was expecting some trouble from them but they were just gone.  

Maybe they ran out of time to finish writing and programming this quest?

I understand there was no truly happy outcome for Aelys but there has to be a better one that alone, pregnant with no memory.

Also as others said the Stronghold could have been used many ways with this. 

What happens if you don't cleanse her mind but kill the cultists and the Lord? Does she still try to kill the other members of her family?

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What happens if you don't cleanse her mind but kill the cultists and the Lord? Does she still try to kill the other members of her family?



I think she does, but I don't remember it. 


As for jailing the Lord: You are not a person of authority, so how do you think, you get jail him? He is rich, he is powerful, he can do what he wants, unless the Duc gives the word. He may broke a societal taboo, but as a noble he only has to answer to nobles. That's the point of the Skaenite-Cult, but also shows that the enwithas were much interested into order than mercy.

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