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the game is way to dark (graphics)

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am i the only one who thinks the game is to dark?


i dont mean the story or something like that... also im not talking about the (mini?) map, that has been confirmed to be somekind of a bug.

its just that the environmental graphics in some area are to dim to see anything, i tried fideling with the gamma settings but it doesnt help much either (and then the daylight outside areas would be to bright)



i understand that haunted houses and dungeons are supposed to be dim and creepy... but to much is to much.


take that pic for example:









the corner is completly black.

also to make out details of the surrounding u have to zoom in...


i dont know if this is supposed to be that dark or if its a bug... but either way the game should be much brighter

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You do know that they didn't have electric light in the renaissance. Try to light your home with candles and natural light. You will experience that corners will be dark. 

and i hope u do know that they didnt have magic in the renaissance. ;)


by the way, in the pic, there actually is a candle not 2m from the dark corner.

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