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Bug - Ignoring Recovery Speed (No attack cooldown)



While testing some DoT stuff found this:


Player is able to completely ignore recovery (reset attack timer / not hit end attack animation event / something)


1) Equip any weapon (tested with Rapier, Blunderbuss(very slow), Hunting Bow)

2) Attack Character

3) At time of damage or when projectile leaves weapon(ranged) pause game

4) Press I for inventory

5) Notice that pressing I "reset" characters animation (back to idle)

6) Press I again.

7) Character attacks immediately (no reload, no cooldown,...)


EDIT: Pause is not required, you can attack and double-press Inventory at time of attack. Easy reproduction.


Could post nice combat log screenshot showing me shooting Eder with Blunderbuss like 3 times in one second. If combatlog had timestamps. :)


Screenshot of Durance casting 3 Iconic Projections in a second. Kinda cool.




Feature Request: Add Timestamps to Combat Log (also make them toggle-able on/off in options or atleast with console)

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It seems that continously switching between two ranged weapons, say you want to use a gun and a bow intermittently for whatever reason, skips the reload animation on the gun as well.


Not entirely related to the bug in the OP but similar thing as far as animations are concerned.

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