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Hi all, I'm loving PoE so far and I'm still on my first playthrough, trying to see as much as possible in one run.


My party consists of my PC and 5 built NPCs: (All level 3-4)


(PC) - Melee Chanter (One handed + Shield) - Named flail from the temple under GV. (Might 14)

Paladin Tank (One handed + Shield) - The shock dagger bought from smith in GV. (Might 10)

Ranged Rogue - Arbalest

Ranged Chanter - Arbalest

Ranged Priest - Arbalest

Wizard - AoE CC Spam + Wand


The problem I'm really facing is that my melee front liners are having issues with their damage, especially if the opponent has armour (Raedric's Keep and the full plate Paladins was a joke!)


The Paladin tank I can understand, that's why she has the dagger, so if she does crit it does huge damage and to penetrate 3DT with her basic attack.


However my Chanter seems to regularly only do 3-5 damage to enemies with armour and ~14 or so to enemies with light armour.


After reading posts about huge DPS melee characters, I'm wondering if I've missed something obvious and that's why my damage is suffering, or if melee effectiveness really requires rogue crits/sneaks, 2-handed barbarians or Monks.


Other than their damage I'm doing fine, 3 Arbalests really wrecks heavily armoured opponents...and well, everyone actually.

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