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I don't understand Chanters... maybe i am just bad :(

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The phrases come one after an other, and they take like 3-8 seconds to finish each. invocations requires 3+ phrases utter. that means a chanter cant use an ability until at least 9 seconds into a fight, which is actually a very long time when so many characters are doing things at the same time. at least for me most things are half dead if not all and the only time my chanter uses an actual invocation is like boss fights... but i also feel a lot of the invocations arent really that strong for that long of an investment


In addition, since phrases dont overlap, the effects kinda wear off when the next one starts and.. it just seems kinda weak. 


Am i playing this wrong? i feel like with so many phrases if i put more than 3 in a chant it will just be these short kinda crappy temp effects with not much yield. 


Their ranges are also really strange, like unless i dump max int in the chanter, its either gonna buff melee or range but not both.


if anyone has any advices, please feel free to share i really like the idea of them but it just feels so crappy.

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1) Because of my chanter my ranged companions do 100% more dmg. The lvl2 faster reload chant is amazing.
2) You can have more than one chanter in your group, and they can run different chants.


I only have one, I stopped bothering with the offensive/defensive chants, and I just have the ranged dmg buff one running permanently. My 4 ranged companions all stay in one group at the back and get the buff, while my 2 tanks are at the front soaking up damage. Works like a charm.

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Phrases do overlap, in that their effects last for a time after you stop that phrase and begin the next.


You can put the same phrase into a chant more than once.


If you position your Chanter midway between your melee and your ranged lines you will probably be able to affect them both with your chants even with a 10 Int, unless you have some crazy long ranges on your weapons.  12 meters is the longest range I know of, and if your ranged characters are 12 meters from the enemies fighting your melee characters, and your Chanter is in the middle, then you'll be chanting for everyone.


You are right that invocations come late or even never in most fights.  This is (or should be) okay, because the main contribution of Chanters is through their chants.  (They are named Chanters, after all, not Invokers.)  If a fight is tough then Chanters get to be the ones who shift the tide of the battle.  Choose your invocations carefully and when the opportunity presents itself throw out one that will push the odds in your favor.  For example, I find that paralyzing all the enemies for 13.6 seconds really messes up their chance of beating me, and I consider that a pretty strong effect that is worth the wait.

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I guess maybe they are so passive and inactive for most fights besides auto attack that i feel they are bad...


what do you guys think about Chanters as tanks. possible?

Running one as a tank now and they make excellent main/offtanks... high deflection, summons make up for missing damage, party buffs and constant endurance regeneration is excellent (lots of gear/food/rest/spells to boost certain stats in the game as well) so yes they are excellent. Well, at least my experience has been a very positive one. :)

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Their defenses and health won't be as high as a paladin or fighter tank but chanter tanks do work and bring their own advantages to the table. For example, the fact that tanks typically do poor damage doesn't sting so much when said tank is also doubling as a buffer/debuffer. They work especially well in a tanking tag team--the usual drawback of having two shield bearers in one group is that your damage tends to suffer, but that problem becomes more manageable when one of your tanks gains new super powers after enough phrases pass.

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Chanter can be tank - max Con, high Int, Might irrelevant - standing in the front row with shield up, chanting away and letting the party (behind) to shine. Chanter requires very little micro-management, so you can focus on the cipher, wizard and others requiring more action.


The lvl2 reloading speed phrase is a game changer as it makes the back row with arbalests/arquebuses extremely good. Chanter a ranged character works too, taking advantage of the mentioned phrase him-/herself and chanting from the middle of the group.


With about 20 hours in with a chanter main, I like it a lot, but the early game (first game) it was very hard (on hard), because built as tank commander (low might), I struggled before I got the full party. In some fights you only get one phrase off, but chanter really shines in long fights, as the phrases just keep on coming and you never run out of steam - but still, it's likely the rest of the party actually doing the damage.

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