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So I recently got Pallegina(sp?) and sent Kana to the stronghold (the chanter looks to be increadibly bland and uninteresintg, was using only his starting chants, bacuase he basically didn't get any new ones untill lvl 7, and even then the selection is tinyyyyy and boring)


Anyway, i took off all his gear and transfered it to her, does it matter when I send him to do quests and stuff? Is his gear taken into account?


Also can somebody explain to me how the whole turns thing works in the stronghold? I didn't find any explenation on that

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it seems turns happen when you advance quests. but I think there is more too it, don't know anything specific either.


Concerning the quests: no, shouldn't matter.



I found Kana's "summon 3 skeletons" extremely useful in the early game and lategame she supposedly rocks with the "faster ranged attacks"-chant. I still swapped her out as well, after finishing her quest.

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