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Stalker's Torc - what does it exactly do?

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hi there,



just found a necklace called "Stalker's Torc"


the discription says: modifies stalkers link



but it doesnt state in what way its modified... what exactly does it do?



i checked my ranger's profile, havnt noticed any changes wether the necklace is equipped or not.



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yeah, i tried to find out what it does, but either the effects are too minimal to figure out due usage (like times 1.x damage/accuracy etc) or it does indeed do nothing...



well that or id does an entirely different thing :)

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You can get the ranger class ability Stalkers Link at level 5.  By default it gives you a passive + 10 accuracy if you are attacking the same target as your animal companion.  With this item equipped you also do 1.2x damage as well.  Given how early you can find this in the game it can be a bit confusing.  You find a ranger companion on your travels that can make great use of it.

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