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[Bug] Caravan Fight Bug



I searched for "Odema" in the forums, and couldn't find anything. I have already finished the game once (Simply stellar!) and thought I'd delve into testing and checking for bugs and technical bits (Starting on Easy, with Expert Mode).

Description: I played around and defeated the entire caravan. When the game "broke", i.e. I couldn't trigger the waterskin anymore, I loaded the quicksave I had made before it and did the ordinary/standard thing to progress. After the dialogue with the Glanfathans and defeating them, the game breaks.

How to reproduce (I did it maybe 2-3 times):
1- Load this savefile
2- Load this Quicksave
3- Leave Calisca at camp (What I did, might not be necessary)
4- Go for waterskin -> Start script with character 
5- Return to camp
6- Pick Choice 1, then 4 (Galawain). It might break regardless what you do, but this is the path I chose.
7- Nothing
8- Loading the quicksave will repeat the issue (Fix: Restarting the client and loading quicksave)

Expected and Desired behavior:
Game continuing without having to restart the client, or alternatively, being able to trigger the script with the waterskin without Calisca (If you play a nefarious character  :devil:).


Savefile after 6.
- dxdiag

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