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Sad that metacritic scores are dropping. Even more sad for this review's main criticism:




'It’s almost entirely backwards-looking'.


i LOLed


In Short: It’s almost entirely backwards-looking, and the characterisation is disappointingly dry, but for fans of Baldur’s Gate and its era this will have you partying like it’s 1998.

Pros: A huge adventure with great art and world design. Highly complex character creation and combat, as well as every opportunity to resolve incidents without violence.

Cons: Plot and characters make little real impression and writing is overly serious. Zero innovation, even though the original games were known for it. Extremely difficult

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Salt about what ? Who are your favorite game designers from Bioware right now ?

Beside, how does that answer my point at all ? Why would we speak of "bioware" when there's such a turnover and a close management with EA, we have no idea who's actually leading projects there ? What does bioware mean when a random development studio in charge of Command and Conquer bears its name ?

Mike Laidlaw is in charge of DA. No idea about Mass Effect 4.


Salt at even mentioning that BioWare did something. Why do you care if a dev at BW doesn't know who Obsidian are? And if they are in the industry, and in the RPG genre, and they work at BioWare, you can 100% bet they know who Obsidian are. I get that it's cool to hate on BioWare because of EA (and let's face it, that's the only reason), but getting angry simply because one group of people did something nice for another group of people? That's lame. There are better things to get upset about.



Was about people who'd say stuff like "glad bioware likes crpgs again" and how it doesn't make sense. But I get the confusion, sorry for that.


like this :


You're very young, aren't you? Bioware literally invented this type of game with Baldur's Gate.


Yes, and this Bioware that developped Baldur's Gate is nothing like the ones who made DA2 and DAI. And wasn't that free about the conception of DAO in the last 1-2years, see the itws of forgot-his-name who was lead on the project (and who quit after that).

Concerning DAO I quite didn't like it, but I'll admit the intention was there (at the beginning, before console-shenanigans).


Dragon Age (a game nothing at all like either PoE or BG)


You should tell that to the people who worked on its marketing, they sold Dragon Age Origins back then as the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate :')

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Qu'avez-vous fait de l'honneur de la patrie ?

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Are they three different colors?  :biggrin:

 ****ers donated all the ME3 cakes the fans sent to Bioware as part of the retake campaign because of the most terrible last 5 minutes to a game whatsoever (and the intro to ME3 is just as bad IMO), but they sure could spare these cookies to show their envy to obsidian :D


YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE BIOWARE, all your good old devs have bailed your company, specially the man behind the company itself, Drew Karpyshyn. Bioware is but a shadow of what it once was, EA has taken the lead into mainstreamness.



Cdprojekt Red, Obsidian and Bethesda are now the kings of the hill... FEAR ME


I know, I was not part of the people who sent cupcakes. But I was part of that "Mass Effect 3 sucks" and the Demand A Better Ending group. 

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And I like DA: I. It is not the best game Bioware has put out but I do enjoy it. I have just come to terms that the Bioware that used to be is probably not coming back. So I just kind of accept what they make now and look to other devs like Obsidian and Larian to fill the gap. 

I was a huge fan of the Bioware formula though for a while. But it is just not the same company. The Doctors are gone, the old talent is gone.

It remains to be seen if they will be next in line of a long list of dev houses taken out back and shot by EA in the future. 

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