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Which spells are friendly fire?

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Heh, reminds me of how little magick spells I can use, because somehow most of what I have damages half of my team all the time. (Doesn't really help that combat usually turns into a moshpit after 2 seconds)

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You can tell if a character will be affected by an AoE by looking at their selection circle. Anyone who's circle turns into a targeting reticle will be affected by the ability. You can also read the description of the ability by right clicking on the icon and check whether is't a AoE (affects friends and foe), Friendly AoE, or Foe AoE.


I admit that currently the AoE targeting graphics do not communicate this distinction very well. My current plan is to shift the red color on Foe only AoEs to a deeper yellow to indicate your characters will be safe anywhere within the AoE range. This change won't make it into our next patch, but will likely show up in the one following that.

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What about the ones that say "Hazard AOE"? There is one listed like this that I believe is a trap-like spell, so I assume that's what the "Hazard AOE" refers to for that one, but there's also a protective Priest spell listed as "Hazard AOE" and I have NO idea what that is supposed to mean. Does that mean the bonus applies to everyone inside the area? Only allies? Only people that enter the area after the spell is cast, as if it were a trap? Something completely different?

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