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Stand Ground option



Hello ,


In a few battles where I fight tightly with reaching weapons behind , the tank character/s wander out the formation , chasing retreating enemies , thus getting hit by disengagement and ruining the fight all together , which especially takes long from the start. There is a "stop party movement" option but I couldn't get the difference it makes , I think it does not work in this case ? It would be best if a Hold Ground option is added.



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 Retreating enemies?  Your characters chasing them ? I have yet to have either of these things happen and my characters are level 9. Sometimes the enemies disengage and then go for my wizard. My characters only chase them if I tell them to though. I have had an issue once or twice where my characters didn't stop upon being engaged. Tbh though if you are having a hard time with disengage you may want to remove it (via the IE mod which you can find on the nexus).

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