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Monks will actually have the highest DPS throughput from any class lategame, especially on Path of the Damned difficulty. Why?

Beause their "unarmed" unenchanted fists actually have a higher accuracy than the best enchanted weapon, and since the biggest problem is hitting attacks later in the game and on the harder difficulty level - monk wins.

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Sry, that is not true, the class with the highest accurcy possible is priest.

They can get:


+10 priest talent for god

+6 normal weapon focus

+5 level 1 buff

+12 weapon enchantment


my test priest was the only class, which reached 70 accurcy with shild....which would mean 78 accurcy as dualwild, or 90 as single handler...

in starting area, without enchantment


and he has crazy strong buffs, too. only problem from priest, he has not enough punsh early game. becaus is base accurcy starts lower

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It all depends on how you plan to play. I play on hard and so far I didn't run into any specific problems. The dps output of a monk is insane, offcourse you can just go for "no wounds" standard DW dps, but IMHO that's a waste, as generating wounds fast enough increases your DPS immensly.


I personally run with 19, 8, 10, 15, 8, 18 as I find Constitution is far less important than resolve and perc. As a rule of thumb, deflection wins over extra HP. The reason for this lies in the way hits and crits are calculated. Low deflection means monsters will not only hit you more often, but will also crit you more often as well. At max lvl constituton of 18 will net you around 60 more HP compared to having just 10 con. Early game crits can easily hit for 20+ dmg on a low DR character and later mobs hit even harder, so by maxing out constitution you will be able to take up to 4-5 more hits at best, but will be loosing HP at a faster rate since most of those hits will be crits.


On the other hand dropping con in favor of perc or resolve gets you more survivability even if you have less HP, as you get hit less and don't take too many crits, allowing you to drop hvy armor for that extra attack speed.


Keep in mind that even with high deflection you WILL STILL GET HIT, so you will still reliably generate wounds, but you will be able to run into the fray right along side Eder or Pallegina, keeping more mobs of your squishees, while also doing incredible dps.


Later in the game, you will want to have a ton of mobs around you to maximize the effects of rooting pain, flagelant's path and (if you took fire goodlike) battle-forged fire dmg.


Early game survival is a pain, I can tell you that right away, but once you get to around lvl 5 you start to shine with a monk, as you will have access to a wider selection of gear.


Unarmed vs Armed: Untill you get access to late game wpn enchants, unarmed is your best friend as it will consistently outdmg any weapons you find or make. Once you gain access to late game enchantments you can switch to hatchets or spears. The only thing you will get from this is life-drain and mby a bit extra accuracy if you go with slaying ench.


As for armor, something with DR 5-6 will get you through the early game. Later on you want to use enchanted robes to maximize on the dw unarmed attack speed.


Might vs Dex: unless you are going for a "high interrupt build" (redundant as you allready have access to some of the best cc skills in game) might beets dex hands down. Dex lets you attack faster, while might gives you more dmg per strike. Since both skills add the same %bonus hitting harder is better than hitting faster, simply because DR reduces all incomming dmg by a fixed ammount. so it's better to hit 10 times for 13 dmg than 13 times for 10 dmg.

Thanks a lot for this break down, Ive been trying to min max my solo monk and i think you are right, especially bosses hit him like a train, my early reasoning was that this meant more wounds which meant more damage but the fact is that he gets 4-7 wounds when he gets hit that hard and there is no way i can spend all of that. One thing ive also found si the his 2 wound knock back misses about half the time. I think that its funny because monks play best when you play them exactly opposite of how they are recommended to be played, as a hard core tank. I mean maybe in lower difficulties getting wounds is a problem but in my game any fight that is in any way difficult he gains wounds faster than i can unload them, its why ive decided lesser wound is not a good talent to get, sure it helps speed up easier fights but it means when i get hit hard i get like 5 wounds which i have no chance of unloading. The big issue is that im not sure what would be better to chose over lesser wounds, perhaps a defensive talent?

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So what would ya recommend @Monk for hardest difficulty Potd? What race and attributes?

Maybe Moon Godlike bec. of hot /fire godlike bec. of more def. or aumaua /dwarf ?


Guess high might and resolve is the way to go?


And for build..hm...is a dps monk rly viable at Potd? I don t wanna play solo - 6 chars all the way.

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