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Raedric's Hold crash on exiting to exterior



I have a bug that keeps me from moving further in the game. I am playing a solo game on Hard and right now I am in Raedric's Hold where I didn't go for a disguise and therefore cleared out the entire floor where the Prists are. Problem is I wanted to exit to the outside (being it on the roof or to the road), but after the load screen, the image stays black and the game stops to respond. I tried loading the auto save and go for the disguise, where after I was able to exit fine enough.


I can't play further than the Hold so this bug is really game breaking.

Currently I am playing on a Mac so I don't know if the problem persists on Windows.


OS: OS X v. 10.9.5 - build 13F34 (MAC book pro)

Game version: Steam

Difficulty: Hard

Playtype: Solo

Character Class: Chanter


Where the problem occurs:

Raedric's hold trying to exit to outside (roof or road) - changing map inside the Hold works fine.


What had I been doing:

Came from cellar and cleared out the floor of the priests and talked to the main priest (Em-something) and agreed to kill off the Animancer in the cellar.


What have been tried:

- Restarting the computer (didn't work)

- Reinstalling the game (didn't work)

- Checking game files integrity (didn't do anything)

- Loading another save game and change chosen actions (worked)

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I don't know if it's exactly the same, but there's been a lot of discussion on crashes in this area. Might want to look at this thread:



A developer recently made a post in there that said they'd found the issue and a fix will be in the 1st post-launch patch.


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It's a known issue I believe.

I got it on the same floor when trying to go down to the throne room, or anywhere from that floor.

Since I got the problem after I was done, I was able to reload to a save in the sewers and exit the hold by using the sewer entrance, which I hadn't used when entering the hold :p

But yeah, I couldn't fix it, only way was to load sadly :(

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