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Between all the classes, which ones would you personally rank as the best tank? between versatility and survivability. Again, just personal opinions.


For me it goes Fighter, Paladin, Monk, Druid, Barbarian, Priest, Cipher and the rest are all at the bottom. I really want to put Druid higher but the lack of shields yet not as high of a healthpool as monks makes it lower for me.

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My main, who is chanter is my tank. I love him due to the fact that to do damage i just summon stuff, which is both an extra body and very nice damage. The chant that terrify enemies, him with high deflection he is a beast, most of the time simply casting pain block on him by my cipher is enough to keep him up through a ton of stuff!

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Paladins with properly leveled faith and conviction, combined with level 10 righteous soul passive is near untouchable, my main is built like this, his DT is close to 30 across the board, and defences are at about 120, enemy control effects bounce off him and most attacks are miss or graze for min damage.

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I'd say the best is fighter, then followed by paladin, then chanter. 


Monk is more suited towards DPS, disabling and debuffing. Monk does get a deflection or defense modal later, but it's much later than the other classes that get deflect/defense bonuses. And even then, the class is built around taking hits - you don't really want to stack your defenses so high on them. I guess you could use that raw damage caused to wounds trait to work around it, but eh.


Barbarian is just crazy AOE damage. They have the most endurance and health, yeah, but their deflection is bad, and they don't get any bonuses to damage resistance. They get very few defensive traits and those traits aren't as good as the ones for other classes.


Druid is just way too fragile. The DR for bear form is nice, but later on it doesn't really matter. Combine that with low deflection and you have a tank that fools you into thinking it's good, because of the lower damage output of enemies in the early game, but is pretty damn bad in the late game.

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As a pure tank paladins are pretty crazy for soaking up damage, you can basically soak up any amount of damage if you go full defensive. Having said that the utility a full def paladin brings to the group is debatable as unless you are in a narrow environment and can block mobs reaching your squishies they dont really 'DO' that much.

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When the patch comes that removes the stat stacking and double clicking bug, I will start again, maybe as tank.

That means high perception and resolve, hatchet, large shield and all things that boost defenses equipped.

I am level 6 now, so I know only the talents at low levels.


Everyone can take weapon and shield style and cautious attac. Cautious attac is modal so you cannot use it with other modes.



+ defender mode + wary defender = +15 deflection, +10 all other defences

+ engage 2 more enemies in defender mode

+ knockdown to stop enemies from hitting things

+ into the fray to get enemies close to me (never worked for me when Eder tried to use it)

+ permanent self heal


- Does not have any spells



+ bonus defenses through faith an devotion, improved by a talent and influenced by your reputation

+ inspiring triumph bonus depending on order

+ can suppress bad status effects for some time

+ single target heal and buff


- can engage less enemies than the fighter

- cautious attac prevents him from using paladin auras that give bonusses to other party members



+ permanent debuff of enemies through chants

+ permanent heal of yourself and allies with ancient memory

+ can cast spells that hit several enemies

+ can summon creatures


- can engage less enemies than the fighter

- No class talents that permanently boost defenses

- it takes some time before he can cast spells



If I play a tank, I will use one of these classes.

Does the +2 engagement of the fighter make a big difference? If so, fighter would be best.

I use Eder as tank now, so I do not know how good the other 2 classes are.

Any advice about this?

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