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Quick Question - Editing Posts

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I wasn't sure where else to ask (which specific forum), I also tried searching under every appropriate forum in relation to the topic, to no avail.


Question: Is there a cut off period to when you can no longer edit posts? And if so how long?


I have successfully edited in the past but many times I have wanted to go back to edit out spelling mistakes or whatnot and cannot for the life of me figure out why I cannot edit my post?


I've tried accessing some of my older posts under different browsers as well (Chrome, IE and Firefox) but that didn't seem to change anything, it's as if the option to edit just disappears after a while (I'm not missing it, there's definitely no Edit option next to MultQuote)...



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There is time limit to editing posts. I think it might be only a couple hours but it was implemented long enough ago that I can't remember if that's entirely correct.

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Thanks for the responses both of you.


If it were possible, I would prefer it removed. I don't always have the luxury to proof read at the time of writing and rather then rewrite the post, I would normally post knowing that I can come back and edit it later (as I do on other forums). I doubt I am the only one.


Good to know regardless though.



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