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A quick question to those more familiar with the game's mechanics than I, as my Google-fu has produced no solid answer for me:


I have a Rogue with high intelligence and the Deep Wounds ability.  Deep Wounds claims 9.7 damage over 14 second (base 10 seconds).  The damage from the ability also does not seem to modify based on weapon damage, which was kind of my expected result.


First off, is having higher Intelligence hurting the functionality of this ability?  A lower Intelligence would likely deal the 9.7 damage over a shorter duration which would obviously be better.


Second, do applications of Deep Wounds stack?  If so, a fast weapon seems that it would be hands down better than a slow one.


My Rogue is a ranged combatant and I am trying to decide between enchanting up a fast bow or a slow gun, though a blunderbuss seems fantastic with Deep Wounds against the hordes of enemies present in Path of the Damned difficulty!  

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