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Hi guys!


I took the biting whip talent at level 2, when I check my character sheet in combat it shows: "Biting Whip Damage x2.4"


In combat however I do not see anything added to the damage calculation. Is it hidden? Is it affected by the double click bug most of us are plagued with?

If anyone knows I'd appreciate it!



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'double click bug'?




One way to check would be to bring up the character sheet in and out of combat (in once soul whip has turned on).  The damage expression might be different.  Of course, there is a chance it won't be, since its an active multiplier.  It depends where it is performing the calculation.

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If you double click items instead of drag and dropping them it permanently disables several passive traits and abilities for that character... it depends on the type of character and race if you are impacted by it or not. I'd wager almost everyone is impacted to some degree unless you ALWAYS drag and drop. For NPC's removing them from the party and adding them again will fix it, for the PC there is no known solution as of yet.

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