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Quest NPC does not spawn, Caedman Azo, The Man Who Waits



During my adventure with Pillars of Eternity (btw. great game:)), I have faced issue related to quest "The Man Who Waits".





I have already finished initial part of the quest, opened the door downstairs the sanitarium and talked to Freyol, who advised me to find Caedman Azo in his laboratory - room next to his office on the map. 





Unfortunately, NPC does not spawn in this place. Therefore I cannot complete the quest.



Steam version of the  game owned




Thank you in advance for your support ! 



Please find attached prt screen and saved game to check if it works on another computer. I tried to check game files via steam and reinstall it but it did not resolve the problem.


saved game (cannot store it under this post - files are too large):



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