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Where to Get PoE & What editions (Best options)

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Sorry if this is a total noob question, but its been a long time since I played a modern PC game (still playing IWD / NWN).  I have never used Steam, and just recently learned about GoG.


So my quesitons are:

  1. Where is the best place to get PoE?
  2. What is the best "edition" of PoE to get? 
  3. And can you get PoE at a retail store in Canada (and thus get a physical copy)? I would like to get a strategy guide for the game.




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I would like to add that the hardback collectors edition strategy guide is awesome. You should look into maybe getting the Champion Edition and also order the hardback guide. If you don't care about the guide, the royal edition comes with the guide as a .pdf. If money isn't a problem, royal edition plus hardback guide is the way to go, if it is champion edition plus hardback guide is about the same price as the royal edition.

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Thanks for the feedback.  Good to know about no physical copy of the game yet. 

I am just reviewing the extras that are offered with the different editions,  and I think I might get the Champion Ed. but would like to get these as well if I could get them as add-ons (and is cheaper then the Royal Ed.):

  • Digital Collector's Book PDF
  • Digital Strategy Guide

Can't tell if this is an option though.


But what is the difference between getting the game through Steam v.s. Direct from  http://buy.pillarsofeternity.com/  v.s. GoG? 

Are Steam editions cheaper?

Is GoG the only one that provides DRM-free?



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If you're buying on Steam, skip the extra content.   The content isn't delivered with the game.   No clue where it exists, but not on my machine.  Game is good, extra content is vaporware.


Uncheck all your DLC listed in your Steam Client then restart the Steam Client.  Then go back and recheck all the DLC listed and it'll start downloading for you.  The files should be under the game install folder after that.

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For patches, Steam gets them up faster but the files to download are big. GOG may take some days more but patch files are much smaller.


Steam has the achievement system but also has their DRM, regarding content these are

the only differences.


(I prefer GOG myself.)

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