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Lightning Strikes and Turning Wheel not working on Monk?



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Are these abilities bugged out? When I attack and get wounds, my fists light up with flames, but according to the combat log I am only doing crush damage, no burn damage. Same with lightning strikes.


The combat log shows a simplified version of the combat results.  The crush damage you are seeing is a total of all of the damage types done, and listed as "crush" damage because among the damage types done, crush damage was the type with the largest amount.


If you mouse-over that line in the combat log, a pop-up will display the detailed version of that combat event.


For example, the combat log may say "16 crush damage", and the pop-up may detail "13.1 crush damage + 3.3 burn damage".






I'm not convinced that the damage is being calculated correctly, at least in the case of Lightning Strikes.  (Turning Wheel damage seems correct, but I'm not certain.)


The damage from Lightning Strikes is supposed to be "+10% damage as shock damage", but it seems to be more like 5%.


For example, if I hit for 24 damage then the combat detail is showing something like "22.9 crush damage + 1.1 shock damage".  10% of 22.9 should be more like 2.2 or 2.3 shock damage, I would think.  Smaller hits (say, for 13 damage) don't show any shock damage at all.  In a case like that I'd be expecting to do around a point of shock damage if there were +10% shock damage.


So either I'm missing some aspect of how the game calculates the +10%, or there's a bug that's causing the damage to be calculated incorrectly, or Lighting Strikes is only supposed to do +5% damage as shock damage and the description is wrong.

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Lightning strikes was broken pre patch, not sure if it works after. Turning Wheel works fine. Keep in mind that for turning wheel to show any bonus dmg you need to "have wounds" on your monk. Get hit a few times to stack 4-5 wounds then attack something and you should be able to see bonus fire dmg in the combat log.


Keep in mind that spending wounds on abilities will lower the damage of turning wheel, as only the wounds that you currently have, count towards bonus fire dmg, the spent wounds do not count.

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