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Various UI Problems - Sizes of Elements, Monster Info in Screenshots



Description line for Armor, even with the translationfix from my other thread the 'g' of Rüstung is cut.



The textbox on spells is to short, in the example picture it cuts the last half line although there is more then enough space.



The beastiary for the 'Speer Jungspinne' show some strange text which is not in the stringtable file. Its ' - vorallem die Reißzähne'



The monster info box is not on screenshots. I wanted to show that the red box 'jumps' but it is not in the pictures. For me the box jumps constantly ~5px from left to right if it is shown, regularly ~5 times a second.



The upload is still not working for me.

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Addition to the previous post: The monster info box could be there, but for me the game starts scrolling if i hit the print screen key, so the cursor is not over the correct space.


On loading the screen is not centered on my party, but in the left lower corner.


Other issue: The name Strings, which appear by tab are doubled if the party is in combat. I had an occurence where they did not lay perfectly above each other so i could see this.


As i have the weird scrolling issue on this screen only one name is visible.


What is the Effect on my main character? It does not have a tooltip and disappears after a while https://xaratas.privatepaste.com/download/abf579e9f0

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And again. Finding interface problems which i find here not exposed enough. (Must be a occupational illness)


The scroller of the memorial stones / backer short texts scrolls not far enough, the last entry is cut while the first has enough free space.



The textarea for the backer short texts is not wide enough, so it comes to line breaks.



Font zoom 130% does not work for all texts and the labels do not take the extra needed space into account



And my todays favourite: Killed a Hirsch, got beast-info about an Antilope.


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Another day, another post, and more Pictures.


The Font rendering do some magical char jumping. Watch closly as a vertical column of chars indicated by the arrows is not aligned with the rest. The ch of Gerüchte has way to much spacing, the l of gemunkelt is bleeding blurry. The problem is not this column, if you move the text window slowly around you can see the font rendering 'anomaly' jumping.



On moving this specific book, read directly from the Holzschachtel in Raedics Fort the window locked itself to the lower half of the screen, i could not drag it up anymore.


Loot window problems

1 The loot window is layer transparent on the item slots. If behind the window is something with a tooltip the tooltip will trigger through the loot window.

(no image)

2 If the loot window before has had a magical item with a blue border then the next loot window does not reset the blue border


3 The count of free inventory spaces is updated to late. Visible on loot with more than one item. Move one item to one char: count of free slots stays the same. Move one more item: count is updated, but still 1 to high.



The tooltips on the character abilities / items are not removed if the full group is selected with backspace.



Ranga is a npc, so why does she take part in the fight?



The 'Fass'/Barrel on the same map, a bit to the right from the point in the picture above has no tooltips at all. I could open details of the 'Keule' and the other thing (dont remember exactly).

(no image)

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Sixtuple Post, yay! (any other forum would give at least a warning for this)


The grimmore starts with the placeholder text, even if i use a wizard. If i click an arrow for the level or the number it shows the all known spells.



After using the screenshaking spell (which has a horrible long shaking time) from Kana the shadow was misaligned. Also the defeat Plate suffered some damage




I think this one was allready posted somewhere in the forum. In the Keep menu there are 25h days.



The background in the very same menu does not extend, when I extend the texts in the list.



And finally: This is no floppy hat, and it is not yellow either. (The translation is the same)



*edit* Forgot one

In the Questlog the headlines have 1 space in front and 1 after, in the Encyclopedia there are sections with either 1 space in front and 0 after or 0 spaces in front and 0 after the headline.


Edited by Xaratas
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I think i can go on quite a while.

New fun and issues:


Sometimes it could happen, that text in the Questlog is to long. Open and Close or progression in a quest can change which text overflows, or if it overflows at all. (As in its not allways there, but could easily be triggerd.) Look at the KI in the picture.



The trap "heimtückische Wolke" in the catacombs in Copperway triggers a combat. Which could be a bug on its own. And the combat log lists a *NameError*.



The death body in the same area does not have tooltips in his loot window. Same issue as the Barrel in post from 02.04. but this time with image



The text from Helge Ingvolstad on the memorial platte in the same catacombs beginns with a ( for which there is no Image and so it just looks wrong)



I have neo as Keyboard layout and wanted to set the < key. But forgot that this is "Mod4" for neo (http://neo-layout.org/). There i got this nice message of removing none (did not try what happens if i click ok). Also the names of the keys are not externalized and can not be translated.



The navmesh in Pareshs(?) House (the Svef dealer) has a missing part in this doorway. The space before Durance is not walkable.



Better image for the double names in combat mode from the post of 29.03. Why have the unkillable pets healthbars?


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As predicted, more images, problems, maybe bugs.


Backer Memorial: this monkey is not italic



To the book of 02.04., other book, same "jump" to the bottom, after the jump its not possible to drag the bookpanel upwards, but closing it, open an other book, close this and open the jumping book again put it in a readable location. Moving the bookpanel again -> jumped instantly down



The Status icons only have text for the first "page" of effects.



This Fleischkonstrukt in the Sanatorium is knocked down and paralyzed, and it gives nothing to this status. It stands up while knocked down and hits Edér, see combat log. (Take Booth pictures together, this scrolling at taking a screenshot is unbearable -.-)




At levelup the endurence is set back to 100%, regardless of limit through health, before and after levelup pictures:




The quest to hunt the leaden key boss in the sanatorium has a few unexpected things happen. Like this dollhouse. The "Wichte" are all death, the mad scientist also but there starting points are still there. In the main hall the patients came back, after killing the scientist, but they did not have selection circles on hover.



Fastmode can lead Partymembers to not reach there target, they oscillate between 2 points around the given target. Going to normal speed and they reach the taget immediately.




Navmesh Problems. The walkable space on the slope in the graveyard in earth hill is to small.



The red cirled area in copperlane is not walkable



The Temple of Woedica has a white spot on the map.



And this one, more fun than a problem. Could it be that the text contains the numbers 1-9 repeated until the space is full? Could it further be that the formatstring tries to display a floating point number? Would that imply you could hack the game through kickstarter?


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Its time again.


Selecting a "taken over" (verwirrt) enemy do a movement command to the spot, and a "person is ocupied" in the combat log, but does not select the person/monster.



Water rendering Bug in Ondras Gift, i have linux with nvidia driver 331.113, Geforce GT 330M. See the stripes in the fog of war in the second picture.




The light and big version of the endurance recovery spell use the same description text. Yes there is one missing, i looked in the stringtables.



The map of Farnheim has a white spot



The description panel calculate the damage of a weapon based on the person in whom inventory it lays. Not on the Character which is selected.

*no image*


On Od Nua level 3, at the oger camp there is an unattackable something. It has no name, but as the name overlay is removed just before the screen shot is taken its not shown -.-

Issuing an attack plays the attack grunt but do not start an action.



The note lines of Kana are constantly jumping up and down, finally i got a screen shot where they are up.



Boom Headshot: The Xaurip rotates in pause ;)


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A few more …


The number of events on the stronghold menu is not guaranteed to match the number of entries. At time of screen shot the second event, which was a quest timed out just before. But the counter did not change, even after a few more ingame hours.



The free backpack slot counter in the loot window, reported above updates with the current patch (1.0.3) on click correctly, but not on drag and drop.

*no image*


One of the summoned skeletons of Kana did not break apart when it was killed, it just stayed up.



The frosted path song of Kana counts as trap, ok. But after the battle they gets picked up by sneaking. Traps of snow and frost everywhere.


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And i found new things, new bits of weirdness, and an ingame death (which was my own fault)


In the Fort of the Knights of the Crucible there is a weird group of red pixels in the archive room, just under the mousecursor on the image.



The Beastiary has for some monsters base damage values in light gray.



The map of the cave at the firefalls has left and right visible pixel rows.



Not the first occasion, but here its implemented the easyest. The commander „turns to you“, if he could. In the sanatorium is an other case where the text says Aloth sits down on the sofa, but on screen does not move a pixel (because of pause in conversations).



Companion pets does not have the yellow and red visible marker when sneaking.

*no image*


Finally i found a way to get the overlays on the screenshots (sometimes when fiddeling with alt + tab + print at the right time -.-). So here is a picture for the name doubleling mentioned in post 2. The nameplate is shown for all (temporary) friendly units. Along with the smaller battle plate. The big name plate gets a line of health description as the info container would get.




Other issue in the same picture: The character directionmarkers float nicely around the portraits, menu hud and combat log, but not around the ability panel.


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There is still more.


The second icon bar, the one which holds spells or hotkeyed spells/abilities does not clear the number of remaining usages when an other icon is displayed at the same spot.



The painted capital is not colored if it is an other letter than A-Z. The Ü is not green like all other decorated Letters.



There is no indicator for the sleep need of animal companions. In battles it is only visible in the tooltip panel. Out of battle it is only visible way down on the character status page. Also the animal companion does not share the same athletics as the character. So you need to rest more often to keep the animal useful in battle.



The health of the companion can be higher than 100%? Or is the max value to low? I exchanged items which give a bonus to athletics and thus to health. Swapping in and out the item the health of the character changes. But stayed the same for Itumaak.



The texture of the slope at the moveable wall in the drywood catacombs looks not good. The difference to other textures is visible.



White Pixels in the same catacombs, near exit to the tower. At the center of the image.



Font rendering issue at the stronghold status list. Some lines are displayed/rendered smaller then they should. See cut out e.



Two items have the name „Orlans Brombeerring“.



In calid rilag(?), the ruins behind Dyrwood is a phantom spawn with 2 phantoms intersecting each other.


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I played a while and found enough for a new post. @Ktran I would like to know if/when some things here get fixed.

Sendspace this time, privatepaste did not work.

All files, same order as texts below: http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/c5N43es2u595qO0TbxislXr047fUFgPDwt85a6v9DyMFuOjG5CMR5hte%2BHoyFt5NUjkuIYnJJENajMn7SVU%2BHQ


Pillars is full of magic candles. But these in light hollow burn even without candles.


The pointer arrow in the encyclopedia shows to the correct entry if you follow links. But the repositioning of the arrow does not unfold closed categories.

In the picture: If "Charakterstatistiken" is opened the pointer stands correctly on "Wissen".


The actions list in the stronghold does not update, when an entry is removed. It only updates on tab activation.


In Od Nua was a invalid creature spawn. In blood sands there is one more, called (Leer).


*not screenshot able :( * At the cave entrance in twin elms the shadow is flickering on start and stop of a map move.


The same flicker occur on the waterfall in the map behind twin elms. This is screenshot able as the water moves. I have created an animated png. Watch with Firefox.


On the same map. When the scripted movement occur the sneaking indicators are not hidden.


The black fog on the temple of hylea map has left and right a pixel not hidden.


The container behind the sky dragon are marked as stealing, but nothing negative happens if looted.

*no image, have only system cursor on screenshots*


The blue container marker is on a plane in the middle of the party. It clips through kanas armor but not his head or arms. The blue border clips through Paginellas weapon, Kanas legs but not my main character.


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