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The one thing about the game that has irked me.

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I'm fine with them.


Didn't pledge high enough to get one, but I seen some creative things, and despite of what people suggest - not all of them are immersion-breaking. There's plenty of thumbstones that are completely neutral and fit OKish into the game world.

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I know momentum is swinging towards grabbing our pitchforks and saying "Let's all bash the immersion breaking NPC/tombstone/etc. names created by backers!" and trust me, I get it. Some of the **** created by the backers is complete and utter nonsense. That being said, we should all keep in mind, without these wonderful, benevolent backers, there would be no game - the immersion you all are bitching about losing wouldn't even exist. I look forward to PoE 2 because I am hoping the success of the first will allow them to make it without Kickstarter and will allow them to create it exactly how they want without having to cater to every person who throws a $100 dollar bill at them.


So to the upper tier backers:


I tip my glass to you in thanks, because without you I would have nothing to bitch about. Without your hundred dollar bills, there would be no immersion to break, no NPCS to hate and most importantly no game to love. Thank you for contributing to my entertainment! Salut!

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Ditto. And yeah I was worried about letting top donors design game content. I mean how could they do it justice without designer level knowledge of the world and such?


But it is hardly that big of a deal. My kids/wife come in to talk to me every 10 minutes or so and I manage to tolerate that without my immersion being broken.

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I was so confused when I found the first memorial tombstone thing. Thought there might be some valuable information, so I read through them all. So. Confused.


I really like the NPC stories though.  Some of them are just ok, but I found quite a few of them to be worth the read.

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