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I'm not min-maxing or anything, but I would like to know before I get too far if I can "make it work".  (without spoiling me on any specifics)


Might: 9

Con: 8

Dex: 18

Per: 18

Intellect: 14

Res: 12


I'm playing an elf and choose my stats more from a RPing perspective, but if this is going to kill me late game I'd like to know. I'm on hard ATM but considering restarting on the hardest difficulty - probably not the best idea since I just

spent about 30 attempts trying to kill the bear at start unsuccessfully


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Can you make it through with the pre-generated companions.... only if you're really good at exploiting the combat system. If you were to build a custom group and give every other party member an optimal build, then definitely. That said, it's an awful build, like "makes the gods themselves weep" levels of bad.

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Not really, you are building DPS without the D.

Int isn't useful fo rogue, contrary to the popular opinion (unless you want it for dialogue purposes). Other party memebers drop effects on enemies anyway, the skills that give blinded/hobbled etc. from rogue are mostly for the damage multiplier they give.

With low con and int it is perfectly viable to make a rogue with high all other stats (and if you are lying/intimidating type resolve is useful). Basically for rogue: by dumping 2 stats (CON will always be one of them) you can raise all the others really high,a voiding the low might problem.

Warning though - you need to be good at getting your rogue not hit and/or as soon as you find any items increasing your endurance put them on rogue.

My dual wield rogue built that way killed the bear solo on 2nd try.

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Sure, the point of the rogue is to make people explode, but on the other hand:

Maximizing your Might will give you another 33% damage, roughly. In other words, you're doing about three-quarters the damage of a min-maxed rogue. Of course that isn't optimal, but on the other hand I doubt it's the end of the world.

Use DR bypass weapons, try to get lots of crits, etc. Armour is your biggest hindrance since it'll negate more of each hit. So, perhaps paradoxically, you might be better off using slow weapons with big single hits. Guns or crossbows, perhaps?

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You might be able to benefit from fast-attack weapons with low damage, like daggers, even dual-wielding (obviously? :p).

Since they have low initial damage as it is, they wouldn't benefit from might as much as greatsword, and being able to make more attacks would overcome that anyway.

You can also always use food/potions to buff yourself up!


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Someone needs to explain the associative property to previous posters. Might adds %bonuses. Even sneak attack is a % bonus. So weapon speed does not matter. If anything, you're better off with slow, powerful weapons, because you can open battle with a big sneak attack. Easy thing would be to have sneak attacks bypasse DR, so daggers and weapon speed matter. You could do like 3rd ed. and have sneak attack damage be a seperate roll so that the character benefitted from multiple attacks, but that never made RP sense; you shouldn't be flailing about trying to get your sneak you should wait for your moment and hit.

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