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Are well-rounded stats rewarded in and out of combat? Or are the DCs too high for that?


Do gender/race/subrace really matter when relating to NPCs?

I'm trying to minimize the number of times I will reroll until I get it just right. ;-) Thank you.

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I'm not finding any of that to be the case.   race/gender seems to get an eyebrow at most, and only rarely.*  

In combat, well rounded is punished.

Out of combat, they are one of 4-6 different options, so... no.  It feels like none of them matter. 


*the sheer number of godlike just hanging around the first village  (despite its... issues and the issues godlike supposedly raise) was staggering.  And you can't...really... interact with them either, so I'm not even clear why they're hanging around.  I suppose because they categorically can't contribute to the problem looming over the town.

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