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Hi, I have one question just to make sure - on level-up when you don't use all available skillpoints, are those lost after closing levelling screen or does the game adds them for next level-up?


Also, thinking of dialogue options with main character - it is better to be best in one skill and leave other skill undeveloped or is it good to put some points into every skill?



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You don't lose them, they're still there for the next levelup. It's the only way to get really high scores actually.


Second, depends on what you mean by "best." If you mean "get the most options in a single playthrough" I'd guess spreading them somewhat evenly is better, but if you mean "see all the options in a minimum number of playthroughs" then specialize, baby, specialize.

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Thanks, it's nice to know that I may leave those points for later use with nothing lost.


By best I meant having 2-3 points in everything and specializing on main two skills afterwards. I wondered if it could be useful to unlock all basic options for dialogues and cutscenes seeing that low tier skill levels are very cheap to get point-wise.

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