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Will My Current PC Rig Run This game on Medium?

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Hello All Obsidian fans and players.  I was on the fence about spending my hard earned cash for this game as you all well know money is hard to come by but easy to spend.  But I finally took the Plunge and bought the game twice, both from Funstock digital to which I never received the key and also Just over a hour ago on Steam.


And I am just Curious on whether or not I can run the game on Medium settings with my current PC Rig. Specs below:


Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium


Intel Pentium ®  Dual Core CPU G2020 @ 2.90GHZ 2.90GHZ

AMD R7 240 4GB



Any thoughts would be much appreciated thanks


P.S Really looking forward to this game Loved and still do Kotor 2 made by Same Devs Obsidian, Currently on a play through of Kotor 1 so got a lot of love for Obsidian and CO :)


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You should be fine. I'm using a:

AMD Athlon II X2 220 2.80 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTS 250
Windows 7 64 bit
4GB Ram

Your system looks better than mine except I am not sure how good your video card is.  I'm not familiar with that one.  I just looked it up and if the sites right then in some areas your vid card is better and in others it's lower but from what I've read Pillars seems to play very well on older computers and it looks like you should be able to run it with no problems.


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