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French localization, a good laugh

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I only had the time to take a look at the options dialog and the beginning of the character creation in french, and that sure was entertaining.

Most of the elements are sound, but others are really weird, not exactly incorrect but as if made to make the meaning incomprehensible.

maimed/mutilé, not _wrong_ but doesn't make the meaning obvious, stash/planque is very unclear, and gibs... morceaux, really?


Some are _not_ french, like "pointeur cage", a non-french expression made from two (accidentally, I suppose) french words.


And I completely suspect the translators never go near a RPG in their life (What? Bandit? Combattant?, Attaque furtive?)


For the rest, the textual parts seems actually grammatically correct which in french is by itself an achievement. And that's nice. But I'm not really sure I'll be able to handle the awkwardness of the most prominent keywords. I'm still deciding if I'll play it in french or in english.

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For me it's different, looks like people responsible for Polish translation of the game used to work with Baldur's Gate 1,2 too, since some of the key texts such as "gather your party before venturing forth" are translated same way. Good job CDprojekt!

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Ugh. Localisation so often sucks, and part of that is because the developers obviously can't do it themselves. When an American developer tries to find some French (or Italian, etc) company or individuals to do it for them, the result can often be... let's say hilarious, and the American developer may not even know enough French to check. 


Sounds like it may well have been done by those who learned French in school and liberally used the dictionary to finish the job? I don't know, I know a little bit of French but I probably wouldn't be able to tell.

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