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The Custom Portraits Thread

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I whipped up a few more creepy/surreal Death Godlike portraits! You can find them under the Spoiler tag below.





I have started gathering the portraits I've made for Death Godlikes in an album on Imgur in case anyone else is interested. The original artists are credited and I have linked back to the original artwork for each portrait. I'm going to be adding more over the weekend so if you're looking for a portrait that's a bit more abstract or unsettling, it's worth a look. You can find the link here or below in my sig.

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Creepy and Surreal - Death Godlike PoE Portrait Pack - Last Updated 12 April 2015

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I like those Godlike portraits a lot :)


Wish I could draw digital Art that well, but I am more the pen/pencil drawer. Traditional just fits me better...


If anyone might help me with this one?



I would love for this picture to be more in the style of the actual NWN/PoE Portrait style.

The Hair was supposed to be more like a white inferno. x_X


Does anyone know someone I could ask to make a Portrait fitting for the game out of this one?

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I wanted to ask, anyone happen to have or have met some darker human male wizard portrait? I'm currently using the default one with dark blue cape, which is not so bad, but... My wizard is a mercenary, old war veteran that went through a lot, seen things, done things... And that default portrait is still too cheerful. I want someone darker, with nice heart maybe but someone it's not wise to trifle with. So would like to have a portrait that match that kind of guy. Preferably with a hood/caster's cowl, half hidden eyes, maybe a scar on the cheek... I have a vague idea what I'm looking for, just haven't found it yet.

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@Picky here's a few I found by searching "Dark Wizard" on DeviantArt. Do any suit your character?





If (like me) your edit skills suck, I recommend NoTra's awesome tool for creating the right dimensions/names (as per his post in this thread #180) : http://notra.fr/portrait.php


*Edited* cos my typing skills suck as well

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Hey guys how do I add a custom portrait? I can't find any instructions as to size, where to place them etc and there is nothing on the manual..

You need to put them in ..\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player

(the initial part of the path is different based on which version you have, GOG or Steam).


The portraits need to be:

a) 210x330 png

b) 76x96 png


the large one's name must end with _lg

the small one's with _sm

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Once upon I time I made portrait packs for BG2 and TOEE... still have all the images in bigger resolution.



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Chuck Norris was wrong once - He thought HE made a mistake!


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All of these male ports look like boy band members. Let's have some realistic, gnarly, manly-men, not metrosexual hair-gel models.





HA! Good Fun!


ps am doing the easter bit for the rest o' the day, but our best holiday wishes to all on this occasion.  also, there is a missing link to a scene from the duelists in our post.  


don't recall the exact image we used.



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Might be a stupid question, but - When I add a custom portrait, do I need both a big (210x330) and a small (73x86) picture, or does it work to add just that big one? 

I'm kinda paranoid about messing my game up  :geek:


Haven't tried without a small - But I DO know that if it did work, the small portrait would look weird since they aren't just supposed to be re-scaled large thumbnails. The small picture is used for the "head focused" up close shot ingame on selection.


Actually it does work. I found out by accident. I forgot to resize the picture I used for my first character when I renamed them. I just made an exact copy.


The game resized it for me. And it does not look that funny looking at all. :)

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