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Hi guys. Really, really want to play this game, but at mo I don't own a PC and haven't for several years. I'm considering buying a PC just so i can play this wonderful looking game. I have a couple of problems though, limited funds and a lack of understanding of the kind of sytem that would do the job. I'm also confused by the system requirements, the FAQ gives a (seemingly) vastly different set to those I've seen posted elsewhere.

So, could someone give me a set of official Recomended System Requitements (and maybe the official Minimum ones too).

Also, I've had a look on ebay at some refurbished systems eg: Intel based quad core cpu, 2 Gig Nvidia graphics (model not stated), 8 Gig of memory, 1Gig hard drive, Win 7 pro, £219 (no monitor, as I want to run it through my HD tv).

But, I've no idea if the above and similar systems would be able to run Pillars of Eternity at the recomended levels or at all.

So guys, if someone can help me out with the system requirements and some buying advice, that would be awesome and very much appreciated.

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