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Ordered from Paradox store

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Yeah I was trying to be mr fukin cool guy and give them my money directly and now I'm wondering if I will even be able to pre-load.


Lesson learnt... always pay steam not some ghetto operation.

I think you do not need to worry and that your key will come soon. There is still 1 day 2 hours till the launch and you only have 6 gb preload size. You will have time to have it on launch I am sure :)

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I just ordered from the Paradox store as well. Still waiting for the key. Its been over 2 hours, so I will contact my bank and report the transaction as fraudulent and order it from steam. Sorry, in this day in age, something as simple as this transaction should be automated much more efficiently next time. Lesson learned for Paradox as well! Everyone is (sort of) winning

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