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GoG vs Steam veresions  

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  1. 1. Where would you redeem your key ?

    • Steam
    • GoG

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GOG only, if I can help it. I'm fed up with Steam when it comes to sharing games. Sure, you can share your library, but you can't play with others with the same game, at the same time. With GOG, I can "lend" the game to my brother, just like in the CD-no DRM times.

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J_C from Codexia

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I´ll go with GOG. As I´m a strong supporter of DRM-free gaming this isn´t a surprise, is it? :D

Why do we need such a download portal in the first place?

Because Obsidian got no way to offer the installers as a download from their own side! (they don´t got that massive bandwidth)

Therefor Blizzard has a Bittorrent distribution in their launcher frontends (besides their surely bigger servers. But you can rent a cloudfront/aws/… distribution network for the expected spike in the next few weeks.)

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I always been a big GoG fan but I might go with steam on this one. I haven't have many paid steam games in my collection. As much as I hate DRM, steam offers pre-load and quick update.


PoE won't have any DRM attached to it on Steam...


But I guess people will never learn that.

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I love achievements, which is a plus for steam but I will still go with GoG because I simply like them better.

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And stop calling me Shirley.

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Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

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my tier has 2 keys so i get 1 each and i dont need to worry about a thing

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What? You thought it was a quote from some well known wise guy from the past?


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Steam. Because I was less than happy with my GoG version of Wasteland 2. Missed a patch, the next one wasn't compatible with my version any more, had to download the full client again instead of a few MB. Sucks if you're on a slow DSL connection.


I love GoG, but usually only buy older titles from them.


GoG support in this case sends the link to the missing patch by e-mail, if you ask them nicely.

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GoG; because I don't like that Steam maintains ownership of your games. Any time they decide to pull the plug or think you've done something wrong on your account, you lose everything. With GoG you buy it and it's yours and they can't take it away.


The concerns regarding GoG and their patching mechanism will be resolved once they ship the Galaxy client.

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Why do we need such a download portal in the first place?

Agreed. I don't see why we can't DL it separately and just keep in on a USB key or disc or the like if it's DRM free anyway. That's one of the reasons I backed it on KS.

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