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[435] Priest: Is Suppress Affliction spell cancelling instead of suspending?



Edit: (BBv480, linux), this report isn't for previous version. Sorry for the wrong version in the thread title.


There are several issues with spell Suppress Affliction:


1. Description doesn't clearly explain, that only afflictions, which are active at the time when Suppress Affliction is cast, are suspended.


2. Description shows only base spell duration (15 sec), even through this duration scales with Int of character.


3. Spell itself doesn't look like it temporary suspends afflictions, as stated in the description, but cancels them -- tested effects aren't probably reapplied again after end of suppression.


4. Also those cancelled afflictions are shown in the tooltip next to character portrait till end of combat (there is no timer). Icon of one of the tested afflictions - Blinded - preserves even after combat.


Tested afflictions: Blinded, Sickened, Hobbled, Flanked, Stunned, Dazed


[Examples and how to reproduce]
For points 1. & 2. see picture below (BB Priest with Int=20):



Add 3. & 4.:
How to reproduce:
1. Enter the combat and cast a spell which grants one of the afflictions (eg. Blinding Web -> Hobbled), so that it targets also one of the party members.
2. Use BB Priest to cast Suppress Affliction on the friendly Hobbled target.
3. We can check that it's effect is nullified, Hobbled is erased from character sheet, though it is shown as an icon in the tooltip next to character portrait.
4. After end of Suppress Affliction spell, the effect of Hobbled isn't reapplied again (and timer isn't running).



One concrete example:
BB Fighter is affected by Dazed & Blinded (Cipher: Eyestrike):

Note: Defl. and Refl. defences should be by 1 point lower here. But this is another bug, related to low attributes.



Then when Suppress Affliction takes an effect:


After end of the spell, no reapplied debuff + persistent icons in the tooltip:



[Expected behavior]

The spell can better communicate how it's working. Also an actual spell duration in the description would be useful.


In case of suppression itself, suspended effects should be probably reapplied after end of the spell with continuing timer. Or in case it works as intended, the description should be changed accordingly and also the icons of afflictions should be cleared from the tooltip.



Possibly related to the Tanred's report:

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