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New screenshots! Things are going to get a little... awesome!

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Question: Are there otters in the game?


Brandon Adler: No, but we are thinking about adding wereotters as a druid form in the expansion.

Wereotters confirmed!? YES! I can already foresee my party encounter...






my fireplace is ready :sorcerer:

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I've come to burn your kingdom down

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It's outrageous I backed this game sollely for otters...


And yes It would be fun to have whereotters... It would be like... Something different, something completly different...

"Go where the others have gone, to the tenebrous limit

for the golden fleece of void, your ultimate prize

go upright among those who are on their knees

among those turning their backs on and those fallen to dust"

Zbigniew Herbert, Message of Mr. Cogito

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