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New screenshots! Things are going to get a little... awesome!

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Hey all! Today we have a little something different for you. Not only do we have some new screenshots for you, we have also taken some of your more fun questions from our questions thread last month and have some answers for you!


First up, the Q&A!


Question: Are there otters in the game?


Brandon Adler: No, but we are thinking about adding wereotters as a druid form in the expansion.


Question: What is Tim Cain's best recipe?


Tim Cain: I'm going to go with the Darkest Rauatai Cookies. Those puppies are so dark and so rich. I defy you to eat more than three at one sitting. And if you sing the song "The Final Countdown" while replacing the lyrics with "The Darkest Cookie", it might be the best culinary experience that you ever have.


Question: How long exactly is a dragon's flight from Lac Dinneshere?


Eric Fenstermaker: Way longer than it should be since they eliminated all the direct flights to cut costs and now you have to do a 5-hour layover in Cormyr.


Question: How many pennies has Adam Brennecke surrendered to Josh Sawyer over the course of the project?


Adam Brennecke: I have not surrendered a single penny of broken promises from my pocket to Josh over the course of this project. Over the years working with Josh, I've learned my lesson the hard way not to guarantee anything when it comes to discussing things with him. He will make me pay for it, one penny at a time.


Question: How many active cats are in the game?


Josh Sawyer: If you don't include stelgaer and druids in spirtshift form, there are four pet cats you can get. However, for me there is only one choice: The Cutest Cat. (Image attached).


That's it for the Q&A, but wait, we promised screenshots and we have screenshots for you! Behold, the glory that is. The glory that was. And the glory that always will be: Big Head Mode!






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Haha. First I've actually checked out Big Head Mode. I just always thought "yeah yeah, big heads, fun times." But, I didn't realize just HOW big they were. Makes 'em look like sports mascots of PoE characters.


They should patch in a secret /worm command that makes them all do the worm, original.gif (but only works in Big Head Mode).


Also, wereotters are great, but you should also add wereplatypi. Complete with rear-foot poison spurs. 8D

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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(yoinked from Facebook)


Tim’s earworm strike critted me for max damage…

We’re heading for BEETUS and still we chew slow
Cause maybe they’ll feed us and we’ll have some mo’
With so many insulin shots and medics around
I’m sure that we’ll all be OK somehow

o/~ IT'S THE DARKEST COOKIE! buh nuh NA nuh 0/~

low ping = skill optional

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Pet cats? +1


Josh's cat is pretty adorable, but since I'm horribly biased, I think mine is the cutest one. :-

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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Would it possible to make (mod) big weapons like Dragon Age: inqu- ehm... Japanise rpgs?

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Kana - "Sorry. It seems I'm not very good at raising spirits." Kana winces. "That was unintentional."

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There's always pigs, but never otters. D:


Question: Are there otters in the game?


Brandon Adler: No, but we are thinking about adding wereotters as a druid form in the expansion.


fgdsasfhgasdhasd! O_O


YOU BETTER NOT BE JOKING, BAdler! You don't play with my feeling like this! Don't you.. dare.. *breaks down*


I love you all so much. Q_Q

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I don't get it why people get excited for that big head mode mellow.png

I don't think it's "excitement" as much as it "Hahaha, oh wow, look at those heads, that's hilarious".

While indeed hilarious, I don't think many will actually play with it.

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