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Don't pay attention to the user reviews on metacritic. They are invariably extreme.


Its the ones from publications that matter. Especially the longstanding ones like PC Gamer and The Escapist.


I'm curious about the Gamespot review. Their normal RPG reviewer, Kevin VanOrd, was quite occupied with playing Bloodborne in the last few days/weeks...


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I've been skimreading the reviews since I don't want to catch any spoilers, but one thing I'm really happy with is the apparent polish the game has. Not a single review has called out the game as buggy, but on the contrary, some have mentioned the surprising lack of bugs. This is before the day one patch too.


Bravo Obsidian!

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Italian IGN: http://it.ign.com/project-eternity-pc/94963/review/pillars-of-eternity-la-recensione?p=3


A masterpiece from the golden age of isometric rpgs. Pillars of Eternity is a worthy heir of the Inifinity Engine games, perhaps even better.

Haha, "at one point ends". Go obsidian!






Pillars of Eternity PC
The best game of pure role of the modern era. Nothing more to say. RT
  • +Huge
  • +Plot mature and exciting
  • +Excellent system of rules
  • -At one point ends
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"You're a fool if you believe I would trust your benevolence. Step aside and you and your lackeys will be unhurt."



Baldur's Gate portraits for Pillars of Eternity   IXI   Icewind Dale portraits for Pillars of Eternity   IXI   Icewind Dale 2 portraits for Pillars of Eternity


[slap Aloth]

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9/10 from Dealspwn http://www.dealspwn.com/pillars-eternity-review-201651



I like their "cons" list, especially the stuff in the brackets... :p


  • Pitched combat can be overwhelming (use auto pause)
  • Character creation and sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming (use common sense)
  • Somewhat derivative (by purposeful design)
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Kotaku's Jason Schreier's impressions:



Back in September of 2012, when I first heard that Obsidian was launching a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, I got a little… uh... too excited.


I was ecstatic. I called it my dream RPG. In retrospect that was a bit premature, especially as the years went by and we saw a decent number of successful Kickstarters either disappoint fans or disappear entirely. But the prospect was just so damn exciting. A new isometric RPG in the style of all those old Infinity Engine games I had spent hundreds of hours living in back in the early 2000s? Yes. Please.


Today, having spent the past week sinking my teeth into the game now called Pillars of Eternity, out today for PC, it's safe to say that I was right. This is my dream RPG.

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whaddya know, reviewers actually get it


I was kind of afraid of Y U NO ROTATE CAMERA HERP DERP stuff but no, they do actually get what this is all about. Nice.


Although I'm not in the know, I would expect Paradox made sure the reviewers were people who can play and review an isometric RPG properly before giving them a key.

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Apparently PoE is the best game Obsidian ever did. And probably the best RPG in the last decade.

Make that "the best classic tactical CRPG in the last decade" and I'll agree... :yes:

Nope, best RPG of the decade bar none. :p

"Wizards do not need to be The Dudes Who Can AoE Nuke You and Gish and Take as Many Hits as a Fighter and Make all Skills Irrelevant Because Magic."

-Josh Sawyer

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