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[480] Probably too long names for the player's notes



a) When creating new notes the entry window doesn't force the text into the text box area. I think there is a limit like ~32 characters regardless how those are wide.


b) When the note is already created, the game lets us to change it's name on the sheet. However, one can then generate much longer names, inconsistently with the initial box limit. I'm not not sure whether it's intended.


c) There is only portion of the long entry name shown on the sheet, always one line regardless of the font size.



For all the points, see image below:



[Expected behavior]

This doesn't happen when naming character or animal companion. So perhaps making it behave similarly would be a solution.

If we are allowed longer names the UI should provide the right formatting for it, also for different font sizes. But I guess the easiest would be to unify the log entry text box limit with the initial text box, so it fits into the sheet line.


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