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[480] Transparent/White Border around clicked/depressed portrait.

Ark Evensong


This is not a bug new to [480], but I did not recognize with a cursory glance through the known issues lists.


I'm using a 1680 * 1050 resolution - not sure if that matters. (Also appears on 1280 * 720)


When (in-game) clicking on a selected portrait, there's a white border at the top and left side of the portrait inside the frame.

Also, when depressed, the bottom of the portrait punches through the bottom frame.


When clicking on an unselected portrait, that white border is transparent, which isn't very noticeable. Likewise, I can't really tell if the portrait bleeds through the bottom frame. The transparency is noticeable when you're dragging the portrait to another location, though. There's also some transparency on the left of the Health bar.


To make it a little clearer, have another 1017 words:




Expected behavior: Black or Dark Wood background instead of White or Transparent. No bleedthrough at bottom of frame when clicking on a selected portrait.

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