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Helms, hoods, etc. are for aesthetic only?

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One imagines that the magical man imbued with a living spirit of fire has some magical things about him.


Because magic.

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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That'd be a nice idea to give a malus to fire godlike. I don't see how they would be deprived from the skill though. It's harder but ain't impossible !

Qu'avez-vous fait de l'honneur de la patrie ?

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As far as I can tell Stealth doesn't take into account light levels, facing or anything like that. So my headcanon is it's some sort of magic. A sort of soul power people can learn that quiets their steps and cloaks them etc. Like a weaker version of shadowing beyond. Rogues having learned an even more powerful technique.

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So if a fire-godlike :fdevil:  is unable to wear a cowl, how the hell do they expect them to go into stealth mode? :facepalm:



'Hey, Fred... Do you see something over there?'

'Uummm... Sortof looks like a burning head... kind of thing. '

'Thats what I thought! OI! YOU THERE!'

'Hey relax man, its probably just... Its probably nothing.'

'Hrmm... Yeah okay, but I dont like it.'

Yeah, it's kind of hard to hide in shadows when your f***ing head emits light.


Fire godlike: *sneaky sneak*

Bandit: 'WTF dude I can clearly see you there.'

Fire godlike: 'Nu-uh, you don't recognize me.'

Bandit: 'The hell I don't, your f***ing head is on fire.'

Fire godlike: 'I'm a torch.'

Bandit: 'You're an idiot.'

Fire godlike: 'Said the guy talking to a torch.'

Bandit: 'You know what? You are right, I'm done talking with you.'

Fire godlike: 'AMBUSH! HA HA, didn't expect that, eh?'

Bandit: *groan* 'Oh. What. A. Surprise.'

Fire godlike: 'Damn right. My sneak attacks can cure snake hiccups.'



okay sorry, but snake hiccups ? what!?

Obsidian wrote:

​"those scummy backers, we're going to screw them over by giving them their game on the release date. That'll show those bastards!" 



 Now we know what's going on...

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