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Roleplaying effect of class

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Short version:

Does class have an effect on interactions? Will my character be recognized for the Wizard/Priest/Barbarian he/she is?


Long version:

I hate classless RPG systems. PoE has a strong class system, which is very good. Now if my character's class has an impact on the story telling, that would be even better. My favorite RPG is Gothic 2, in that game you will have to join 1 of 3 factions: Paladin, Mercenary or Fire Mage (priest). Depending on the faction chosen the whole game changes, sometimes in small ways, other times in a rather important ways.


Classless RPG system is the most unrealistic and roleplayingly weakest system any RPG can have. In real life (depending on the culture you hail from) your chosen proffession may have an even greater effect on you social standing (the interactions people will have with you) than your gender, wealth, physical attributes or mental attributes.


On the RPG side of things, classless system is only good for action, nothing else. Sure those games advertise that you can be anything you want, but only on the actions side. On the RPG side, you are nothing, not a great warrior, a powerfull wizard nor a divinely chosen priest. You Are Absolutely Nothing.

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Paladins also have their orders. Don't know how often it comes up in conversation - I hope there's at least some "**** you, I'm a Bleak Walker" - but we do know that how you roleplay them will affect them in combat. That is, if your Goldpact Knight is living up the ideals of her order, her abilities will be stronger, if your Bleak Walker is going around being charitable and merciful, his class features will be weaker, etc.


I think they've said that they haven't put in huge amounts of class-specific interactions, but you have to remember that you also choose specific cultures and backgrounds at character creation. So whereas BG2 would have, say, a distinct set of content for clerics specifically, Pillars will have a small set of stuff for clerics, and maybe an extra little bit for you because you're a cleric from Old Vailia, and an extra little bit because your cleric from Old Vailia has the Dissident background.


Now, who much will that impact a playthrough? Dunno. I'd be shocked if it actually gave you class/background/culture-specific quests, but I'd be equally shocked if they didn't give you unique ways to get through a number of quests, at the very least.

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The 'Faith and Conviction' passive for Priests and Paladins will adjust accordingly on how well you follow your Paladin Order's/Priest Deity's favored disposition. 

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