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  1. 1. Best Spiritshift

    • Bear
    • Boar
    • Cat
    • Stag
    • Wolf

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Yeah, I pretty much like that last idea. Take away some spell casting and be more shape-shifting orientated. Priests and wizards can cast spells but shape-shifting is something unique to the druid.


Well, as you say, too late now.


Well tbh druids spell casting is perhaps stronger than both, and like priest they just get all their spells not having to learn a few.


(wizard should get stronger ones as they have to learn em but they don't)


+ they get that shapeshift and start with higher base and scaling stats than wizard =/  druids are more than fine, get a grip lol.


When people ask "whats the best PoTD solo class" EVERYONE and they're grandmother says "Druid" or monk.

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Cat because it's really good dps the first couple of levels when you run out of spells, which is the only time you ever use spiritshift anyway.


Also my druid is female and having her turn into a Stag was kind of weird, I couldn't help but wonder if she grew more than just horns.

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I understand a lot of patches have come and gone. I suppose at some point down the line the Accuracy and Damage of spiritshift forms was buffed, and right now Cat Spiritshift is godly. At level 12+ it completely shreds through high Deflection enemies, 50+ damage hits with 100+ Accuracy scores that are only on par with my Rogue. I don't know how the attack speed boost compares to other spiritshift abilities, but really, the kitty cat is a shredding machine. 


While it's true that a druid's main potential is in spellcasting, the Cat spiritshift provides a tool that can be reused every encounter (very valuable for those of us who play in difficulties with a limited number of rests) and that if well used is absolutely devastating.

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