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New screenshots! Have a look at Raedric's Hold!

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Today we have some information and screen shots on Raedric's Hold for you all!


The Raedric line has held dominion over the lands surrounding Gilded Vale for generations, and its formidable keep stands as a bulwark against the dangers of the Dyrwood. Despite their lofty position as Aedyran nobility, the Raedrics joined in the fighting for independence from the Empire during the War of Defiance. In the wake of the Dyrwood's victory, they retained both their stronghold and their stature. Raedric VII now carries the title of Thayn, pledged to Gilded Vale's defense against all threats - both physical and spiritual in nature. Raedric's iron-fisted rule has seen his people through many hardships, but in the aftermath of the Saint's War, new threats have arisen - threats Raedric has sworn to scour from his lands and reclaim some of Gilded Vale's past glory. At his invitation, new settlers have braved long distances to settle within Gilded Vale, tempted by the offer of land and opportunity.



Full resolution links to the pics below:







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I was going to wait until the first few patches to balance and fix bugs, but this looks like a place just waiting to have my Cipher raid.

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Looks really good!


My wife saw the screenshots and said they look "very '90s" :D being PoE the spiritual successor to IE games that it is, I would say, "mission accomplished"!

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When abouts was Raedric's Hold implemented during development? The art on the walls makes it look like it was later on.


I also hope he gets up out of his seat and fights.

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I also hope he gets up out of his seat and fights.

I kinda hope he never gets up, and just had his "royal" (or whatever) animancers animancipate the throne from its stony, stony prison.



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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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TBH I think Raedric needs to imprison the guy that installed his leadlight glass because some of them aren't in the middle!




@sdunny - the glass isn't straight, re-render it mate! ;)

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This one's from polo on the RPGCodex, who is an architect




That? Thats nothing. Explain this:





Didn't he mean that he thinks the architect responsible must be a troll, since he had the "architect" pointed at a trollface in his original post?

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