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Hi, i have few questions concerning several talents:


1) Envenomed Strike - is this talent applying to magic weapons (weapons which attacs with magic projectiles - rods,wands,scepters) as well? The description http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Envenomed_Strike - would make it a bit weird.


2) Two weapon style - http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Two_Weapon_Style - are rods/wands/scepters all two handed, or is it possible to dualwield them? Dual-wielded wands would be quite cool ;)


3) Talent groups like Greater Wildstrike Burn/Corrode/Shock/Freeze , Wildstrike  Burn/Corrode/Shock/Freeze, Secrets of Rime/Spirit of Decay/Heart of the Storm/Scion of Flame etc - choosing one element will prevent us from taking another on the next "talent level" or in case of druid during spiritshifting we can actually inflict up to 4 additional elements?

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Adding a question:


4) What is the current state of weapon focus talents? I'm given to understand that the wiki details are out of date. What category has the blunderbuss in it now, and what other weapons does it have?

Unless anything changed : http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Weapon_Focus_Peasant


PS: Sorry - Missed the first part of your post xP This can be deleted -.-

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But that's the point. Things have changed. Dr. Hieronymous Alloy is right, in the current Beta (v435) the blunderbuss is in the Ruffian weapon set, together with Sabre, Stiletto, Club and Pistol. (... and maybe a sixth?)

This may change, of course.


As for your question #2, all three implements are one-handed. So dual-wield and *Pew* *Pew* away.

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