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Consequences of killing Sis (and dialogue changes)

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I heard killing Sis only affects the game in 3 ways : lowered chance of alliance with G22 ,altered conversation after killing her (through the TV) , can't do contact Albatross mission , if you select Albatross as handler for the final mission you get to rub it in (is this true?).


Any other consequences or dialogue instances or any changes in dialogue aside form the ones listed ?


I heard, aside from those instances , dialogue with Albatross is like nothing ever happened in that regard.


I have to decide based on how much of an effect this choice will make, i don't have much time these days and would hate to waste a playthrough if i don't see something new.



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It makes it less likely you're going to get positive reputation with Albatross, which can affect handler bonuses if you choose to have Albatross guide you on the missions he's available. It also may affect your ability to get his assistance in Taiwan and the endgame. You may still be able to be an ally of Albatross's if you want, especially if you're playing Professional, but it might prevent you from gaining the highest handler bonus for positive rep. If you're going for negative rep with him on purpose, then it can be helpful.


Also of course you will not be able to completely unlock Sis's dossier, if you're trying to be completionist about stuff like that.


If you've played before and want to see something different then by all means go for it. I think I did a playthrough where I killed Sis and was largely antagonistic to Albatross and G22 and I felt like it made things different, even if yes, some dialogues don't change, but I haven't tried killing Sis but still trying to befriend Albatross.

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